You Don’t Need Skills! Beginner Friendly Headband Wig

Written by XuRay


Posted on June 04 2021

When we talk about wigs for black woman, the most popular are braided wigs and headband wigs, there is also a kind of headband braided wig. Black women like hair bands very much because many of them have curly baby hair on their foreheads. By using the headband they can press down the baby hair and make the hairstyle more beautiful and look like it has been carefully taken care of. Wig makers for black women are also aware of this, so all kinds of headband wigs were made, and they were warmly sought after by black women.

There are many girls who want to save time don't want to try wigs because they are afraid of trouble. It's a very complicated process to make wigs look natural on your head. But the headband wig is not the same, you don't even need any skills to easily put it on the head and go out, yet it looks very cute and gorgeous. Headband wig has been trending for a long time on all social media platforms and a lot of the time. Everybody is wondering some questions, like what am I supposed to do with this, it’s just a headband like how am I supposed to style this, how am I supposed to wear it different times like changing it up a little bit. It’s very convenient especially for somebody that likes to just throw on their hair and go.

 headband wigs for black women

I have seen so many people love headband wigs. When you buy a set of headband wig, you will get a hairnet with your favorite hairstyle. There are two ways to wear it. One is that there are some small clips in the hairnet. You can fix the hairpin on your hair. The other is that the whole elastic band is connected to the wig. You need to wrap the whole elastic band around your head, and then glue the end of the elastic band with a Velcro. Relatively speaking, the second style of headscarf wig is more convenient, It's also fits everyone's head better. You'd better buy actual hair headband wigs. They're soft enough and you'll love them. No more nonsense, let's see how easy the headband wig is to install together!


When you start to wear it, the first thing is to put your hair in a low ponytail. You need to comb your hair as flat as possible, then coil it up and fix it on the back of your head. Yes, you don't need any hair net or glue for this process. Next, you can do your baby hair as you like. Many black women love to use some gel to make baby hair stick it on the scalp, then use a brush to make waves. After all of this, you can take humidity hairspray, spray evenly on your hair and let stand for 10 minutes. Then come and pop the wig on. (Before wearing a wig, be sure to wash it first.) All you have to do is clip your wig to your hair or wrap it around your head with elastic band and then use a Velcro to stick it together, then put your headband on and cover the border between your wig and your actual hair. See? It is actually very beginner-friendly and easy to wear.



There are many kinds of headband wigs for black women, like deep wave. The shape of deep wave can make you look very impressive, which is not easy to provoke. Recently, many netizens have asked what hairstyle is popular this year. When I see the fashion trend of hairstyle on INS recently, I already have the answer. The mainstream style of hairstyle this year is still deep wave! This kind of retro hairstyle will appear in the fashion circle from time to time, especially in the modeling of stars. Deep wave can be regarded as a classic hairstyle, which is not very popular, but it has never disappeared in the public's sight.

 deep wave headband wigs

Deep wave headband wig



There is also a classical hairstyle called water wave. This kind of hairstyle doesn't need to cut the layers and change the original length. It's also very easy to take care of everyday. After shampoo, apply some moisturizing products such as mousse. As can be seen from the figure, the popular water wave is more soft and natural, while the traditional explosive head is tight and rigid, lacking in movement. In the past, what people pursued was to be strong and durable, but now what girls pursue is to be natural and casual. Technically speaking, the wig technology is more mature, the perm methods are more rich and diversified, and the hair quality is more textural and elastic.

water wave headband wigs 

water wave headband wig


African and American black women are more fond of headband braided wigs. This is probably the culture and nature of black women. They pursue more passionate and gorgeous fashion. The headband wig with braided hair can increase the volume of hair and shape the facial lines. The style is more simple and easy to take care of. It will not be entangled together like ordinary curly hair headband wig. Braiding usually takes a lot of hair and takes hours in a salon. The ordinary lace wig needs to trim the lace and stick it flat. So the headband braided wig will becomes African woman’s best choice. At the same time, it's easy to create better facial lines with more hair braids, which can make the face look smaller and younger. Adding it to your hair can increase the amount of hair, make your hair look more layered, and make your facial lines look better. When you put on a headband, your wig will naturally look as if you paid a barber to make it up for you. You can also buy a variety of hair bands, diamond, velvet and floral, change a hair band every day, change a mood everyday. Are you excited? Try it now, you will be fascinated by the lovely charm of the headband style!