Wonderful Fashion Crossover Around Black Women : Headband Wig And Braided Wig

Written by XuRay


Posted on June 07 2021

Beautiful makeup and fashionable styling will make a girl shine in the crowd. As an important part of her appearance, hairstyle has received a lot of attention. Choosing a beautiful and correct hairstyle will make us leave a deeper impression on others. On the contrary, even with delicate makeup, if you choose a bad hairstyle, it will make your appearance look very uncomfortable and make the whole person dull and unable to give out color. In the African-American women group, because of their inherent disadvantage in hair, they are hard to have the hairstyle they want. Curly and difficult-to-manage hair hinders their pursuit of beauty. Therefore, wig has become the most African-American women's choice for beauty because of its convenience, diversity and almost no difference from real hair.

Headband wigs are becoming a very popular fashion trend because they do not damage the scalp, are easy to wear and are beautiful and fashionable.More and more wig lovers are raving about the ribbon wig after wearing it.Of course, the unique beauty of combining the headband with the braided wig is the basic reason why it has such a high status in the wig world.

ebony women with headband wigs

This is a headband wig. Compared with other types of wigs, headband wigs are easy to wear, and various styles of headband can also be provided for us to match with various styles of clothing. Carefully selecting the headband with appropriate colors and patterns will bring great contributions to the improvement of our image.

Braided wigs refer to wigs that have not been designed for hairstyles, and various braided shapes are made by hand knitting. Hand-knitted braided wigs are very beautiful, especially popular among African-American women. Black women's hair is mostly fluffy and curly, which is very difficult to take care of. Therefore, braiding their hair has become a common hairstyle among them, and it is also a way to avoid frequent care.

When the headband that can be matched at will is matched with a braided hair by hand,what kind of experience will it bring to people?Let's explore together.

Headband braided wig is a combination of headband wigs and braided wigs, and hand-woven braids are made on headband wigs. As we know, headband wigs are unique in having all kinds of beautiful headband. If the wig behind the headband is woven into braids, the combination of headband and braids will raise the aesthetics of the model to another level.

The wig in the picture is a typical headband worn wig.Usually our hair is just straight long hair,It can be seen in the picture that the slender hair is no longer as monotonous as ordinary hair after being braided, showing an unprecedented fashion sense. At the same time, the headband with appropriate colors and patterns is equivalent to an ornament, which is very beautiful when paired with clothes, and it can even purify the eyes!

If braided wigs are not only suitable for long hair, but also for short hair, the headband braided wig will make the design of short hair more diverse and beautiful, and short braided wigs can show different feelings for different people, which can be smart and handsome, and can also be cute and playful. Headband braided wig will attract more attention if it is decorated with some colorful headbands during braiding, which should be the perfect head fashion.

In addition to these, there are many other shapes to choose from. Hand-knitting will realize our more imagination. However, why should we choose headband braided wig? What are its advantages? Let's find out about it.

Compared with other wigs such as lace wigs, headband worn wigs have the following advantages:

  1. Suitable for beginners.

Wearing a headscarf and a wig doesn't take much experience. Even beginners can easily put it on without worrying about confusion. As long as you like the unique hairband wig, you can use it to make yourself look better and prettier. A headband wig can be worn directly on the head, just by adjusting the headband and making a slight adjustment.

  1. No scalp injury

One design that helps protect the scalp is that a hairband wig does not use glue to prevent slipping, as a lace wig does. Some wigs require adhesive to hold them in place, and when worn over a long period of time, the chemicals contained in wigs can easily damage the scalp and even hair follicles, leading to permanent hair loss. However, wearing a wig on your head can protect your scalp by avoiding the use of various adhesives.

     3.Save time, effort, and money

It only takes 10 minutes to wear a strap wig, compared to more than an hour for a regular wig. Compared with them, the headband wig saves time and effort.

  1. Protect your natural hairline

The gel used in common wigs also has the function of hiding the hairline and sticking to the hairline can easily cause the hair to fall and receding the hairline as a whole, but the headscarf wig can blend the natural hairline into the wig, thus greatly reducing the negative effects on the hairline. You can use it to make yourself look better and more beautiful. A headband wig can be worn directly on the head, just by adjusting the headband and making a slight adjustment.

  1. Change your hairstyle.

Hair wigs can be worn with any hairstyle, such as natural curls, large waves, straight hair, curly hair, etc. In addition, on the basis of various hairstyles, you can also tie a ponytail or curly hair, make it steamed stuffed bun hairstyle, show natural hair quality, wear hairband wig is very easy to do.


In general, the combination of headband wigs and braided wigs is a new upgrade to the pursuit of beauty in the wig field. Of course, the types of wigs are not only these, but we who really like wigs will learn slowly in the future, and fashion cannot be without wigs.