With Americans stuck at home, trade with wigs for black women highly increased

Written by humenglong


Posted on January 11 2021

U.S imports from China are surging during the end of 2020, fueled by stay-at-home shoppers who are snapping up Chinese-made furniture and appliances, along with bicycles for the holiday, as a tiny fraction of imports stuffs, wigs especially wigs for African American women only used for fashion demand has increased in sudden.

The surge in wigs for those fashion chic women is another byproduct of the coronavirus, with Americans channeling money they might have spent on vacations, movies and restaurant dining to household items.

Thousands of beauty vlogers active on YouTube who digging the way to slay these wig stuffs with a more beginner friendly method, or simply, a more natural look. During the pandemic situation, women used to finish their hairdo in a beauty supply or wigs salon, turning their attention into online platform like YouTube and Instagram increasingly. From easy install units to wigs need complicated operation like lace front wigs and full lace wigs, YouTube vlogers make a great contribution for the audiences with diversiform product review and makeup tutorials.

 “We should cut down on our outings, that’s alright, but that will never stop girls going to post their home selfies on Facebook.” says Monet, a 20 years old girl always wearing wigs on daily, who even post wig install tutorial videos on her YouTube channel. 

The lockdown and public order controls caused by the pandemic situation have not deterred people from buying wigs. Some Chinese manufacturers specializing in selling wigs say that their sales of their wigs increased to varying degrees during the epidemic. The most obvious are some wig sellers who sell their wares on Amazon, which wigs here also occupy a beauty & personal care category half of the platform.


“The demand for our products exceeded supply and we even needed to expand our production line to maintain our growing sales.” Says one of the Chinese wig manufacturers. Not only did suppliers fail to anticipate it, but also Amazon's warehousing and delivery services failed to keep up with people's presence during the outbreak. "Our shipments to Amazon have been noticeably slower on the shelves, and the delivery time to customers have been slower." Says also.

The closure of offline shops and restrictions on access to beauty salons have no doubt increased the demand for people to buy wigs online, buying wigs from Amazon and then following a tutorial they have watched on YouTube to groom their wigs, even it's been a long time since wigs were promoted on social media platforms and people were very loyal to buying them through these channels, but the undeterred enthusiasm of fashionistas has definitely led to a new wave of growth in the activity of online shops and social media.

 Until the new year start, the epidemic was still raging in most parts of the world, the test that nature has brought to mankind has not ceased, But it also undoubtedly gives optimistic people new challenges and opportunities to experience different pleasures in life. Either way, life always gets more competitive as people adapt to new situations, but also the resilience of humanity in the face of our common challenges.