How To Choose The Wig That Suits You

Written by XuRay


Posted on July 02 2021

Nowadays, in the face of people's increasing demand for fashion, or the pressure of modern social life makes more and more people lose their hair, wigs have begun to become the choice of a large number of people,especially in Africa and other places, people choose to use wigs to make up for the defect that they can not get the desired hairstyle because of curly hair.Then how can we choose a wig that suits us?

Color of wigs

Color has the greatest impact on vision,because the first thing that usually comes into people's eyes is the colors we have.Choosing a reasonable color wig plays a great role in a person's overall dress. The luckiest people are those with white skin, because most colors can make white skin look more beautiful and moving.People with light yellow or yellowish skin can wear wigs with dark colors such as natural black and light brown, which can set off the yellowish skin to be white. However, the strong yellow color should be avoided. For example, in recent years, a kind of yellow hair is popular, and many people blindly catch up with the trend and neglect their own factors. After using these colors, people with yellowish skin look unhealthy, and their skin appears dark and yellow.

Different colors can express people's different emotions and meet people's different psychological needs. For example, red is loved in China because it represents joy.In the collocation of wig and clothing, on the one hand, we can choose the color that is unified with clothing to make the whole more complete and harmonious,and this matching is not easy to make mistakes.On the other hand, we can choose different colors in the relatively coordinated collocation, such as black and white, red and orange, yellow and grass green. With different makeup and accessories, various collocations will be more fresh.

In terms of color, the color of braided wigs is more real and beautiful than that of ordinary wigs. Wearing braided wigs on the basis of selected colors will make the effect of color more obvious and improve the appearance more effectively.


Modeling of wig

The shape of wig is also very important. Different shapes give people different feelings.Loose hair gives people a natural and unrestrained feeling, and rolling up a bun gives people a stable and mature aesthetic feeling, so the shape of wig plays a great role in highlighting the style in fashion design,and a good wig shape can decorate and improve some defects of people's original facial contour.

People with inverted triangular faces should avoid wigs with too wide bangs, too uniform bangs and too loose tops; Lovely and healthy round face, the distance between five senses is relatively close, so we should properly avoid the children's flower head just like bangs flush with eyebrows, the back of the non-distributing thread, the hot curly short hair, the middle hair and other medium and long hair that can cover the cheeks, so that the face can be as long as possible, and at the same time make the plump face look petite; For elliptical faces, you can choose some bangs with four or six points or three or seven points, and wave wigs to make smooth lines set off at the lower jaw, which will make the whole face look vivid and streamlined; The square face gives people a strong sense of edges and corners. If you choose improperly, it will give people a stiff feeling. Therefore, you should consciously soften your face when choosing wigs, and try to choose wigs with lower levels on both sides and slightly curly hair, which will make your face look softer.

No matter what shape of wig, the braided wig knitted by hand is more stylish and attractive than the wig knitted by ordinary machine, and it is more effective to set off the face than the ordinary wig. In comparison, it is a better choice to wear the braided wig.


Material of wig

The raw materials of wigs can be roughly divided into artificial fibers wigs and human hair wigs, and wigs that can be seen in the market are basically processed and produced with these two raw materials.

In comparison, braided wigs are harmless and suitable for long-term wear. Their air permeability and comfort are the best technologies in wigs at present, and they are also very popular in the market. Braided wigs and hair feel almost exactly the same, which are very smooth and elastic, and even have a moist feeling.

Other selection factors of wigs

Wigs should also be suitable for our age, size and situation. Young people can choose fashionable and beautiful hairstyles and colors to look youthful and lively, while older people can choose dignified and mature hairstyles, such as smart short hair, soft wavy hair and so on. In terms of body size, short people should not choose hair styles with large or long hair volume, while strong or slender people can choose hair styles with large fluffy volume to show a sense of coordination. Finally, you can choose different wigs at different times, different places and different occasions. In festive festivals, you can choose wigs with beautiful colors and vitality. In solemn banquets, you can choose mature long hair with formal clothes.

There are many factors that need to be considered, but any factor is considered for better choice of wigs. Whether it is simple comparison without all kinds of factors or comprehensive comparison after considering all kinds of factors, braided wigs are far superior to ordinary wigs, which is why braided wigs are more popular among people.



With the continuous development of society, wigs are becoming a pursuit of fashion trends and beauty for people, not only for nobles in ancient times, but also for alopecia and baldness. Wigs are very important and many mentioned items in many fashion topics.Wearing a beautiful wig that suits one's own will enhance one's self-confidence and increase one's attractiveness to the surroundings. Most people who are unfamiliar with wigs will fall in love with the feeling it brings to themselves after wearing it for the first time.Wigs are even easier to meet the diverse needs than our own hair. We don't need to go to the barber shop to change our hair style for a long time. We only need to wear a favorite wig, which can save a lot of resources and achieve the desired effect, even beyond expectations.

By combining our own actual situation, we can choose a variety of wigs to meet the different needs of different situations. No matter what kind of appearance, there is the most suitable wig. All we have to do is consider all kinds of factors,which can let us choose the wig that suits us best after comparison, so as to play the real role of wigs and bring out our most beautiful side.