All You Need To Know About Braided Wigs

Written by XuRay


Posted on November 08 2021

Wig is known as an extension of beauty, mainly for beauty modification even for daily use. African men like beer, while African women like braided wigs. African girls like braided wigs. For them, wearing braided wigs is an important part before leaving home.


Why wigs become a better option for African women?

Due to natural conditions, black hair grows in tiny spirals. This kind of hair is fragile and hairy and difficult to care for. It's not easy to look straight. It's hard to tell a man's back from a woman's back with such a wool roll.

There are many materials that can be used for braid wigs. Different materials will be used in different times and regions, and certain special purpose wigs also have designated materials. In ancient East Asia, braided wigs were mostly made from people's real hair, and some were made of silk threads or mixed with them. The higher the real rate, the higher the price, the higher the level. In ancient Egypt and ancient Europe, except for human hair, animal hair such as horse hair (mostly horsetail hair and horsehair), wool and plant fiber are also commonly used as braided wigs, and the most expensive hair is made by human hair. In addition to traditional natural materials, modern braided wigs are made of some chemical fibers such as nylon, glass fiber, rayon and so on. Because synthetic hair has been shaped, it can be combed or sprayed with hair glue, which is easier to handle. Of course, some are real and artificial. The hair of human hair is the best with the black hair that has not been dyed, which can be dyed into different colors and easy to shape. Some advanced artificial hair is no less than real hair in appearance, feel, color and sag, but some low-grade wigs are rough, distorted and impatient.

 Many black female celebrities show up with wigs, even former first lady Michelle Obama.

black female celebrities as Michelle Obama wear wigs

Today, African women are more willing to pay attention or money to their appearance. They also pursue beauty and fashion very much. With the continuous development of economy and society, their demand for beauty is higher and higher. In Africa, it is very common for a girl to spend a good part of her salary on variety of wigs, just like lipsticks buying craze.

For people outside Africa, beautiful hair is proud, while Africans often think that beautiful hair is artificial. When the original straight hair 20000 kilometers away slips through the fingers of African American women, as one of the largest wig consumers in the world, they finally have a standard to make the final judgment on the quality of various wigs on the market.


Braided wigs——A good assistant for African girls.

Braided wigs need a certain amount of manpower and energy, the whole process takes about a week, but the workmanship is more refined, and it is more comfortable to wear.


African girls are especially suitable for all kinds of braided hair styles. Many people are very excited to think that their hair is very long and they need to make full real hair dreadbraids, but in fact few people know the difference between them, that is, it is impossible for real hair to have wigs and dreadbraids clean in the process of crocheting. Even if the real hair is twisted together after 2 months, the braid is broken, which is very serious, so it is more impetuous. And wigs don't exist.

Some people say my hairdresser didn't tell me. Why didn't he tell you? Because he had never experienced it himself, of course, he did not know that this phenomenon would happen. If patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder can't see the rash, don't do full real hair braids, even if your hair length is enough, it's also recommended to cut off some parts. This will naturally find the difference between real and fake hair.

There are also some differences between real and fake hair, that is, the real hair is hard and the wig is soft.The natural hair is easy to be fidgety, and the wig is not easy to be fidgety. Natural hair braids need to take care of the whole braid, while braided wig only need to take care of the root.

What's more, girls' pursuit of braided hair style is not only the more common braided hair style, but also some complicated braids. Goddess braids and gypsy locks are not as fashionable as African box dreadlocks. Girls and boys with short hair can use crochet braids to make braided hair. And how to use the crochet braids?

For seperate crochet braids, you can choose to braid your hair back. The front side of the hair into hair, the back side of the head to wear a wisp of a crochet braids. Using crochet braids to make a chic girl's braided hairstyle. You can comb your hair sideways to your shoulders to make it have more layers, or add some delicate accessories to make you look more attractive.


Headband wig is a simpler choice. First you need to make sure the wig is the right size for your head. If your head is between 21 and 22 inches (51 to 55 cm), you should be able to wear most of the headband wigs. If you have a big head, it's best to wear a right wig to make sure it's comfortable. Comb your hair and put on a wig cap. If the hair is long enough, put it in a ponytail at the back of the neck. Then, turn the horse's tail over and hold it against your head, pointing or crossing your forehead. If your hair is short, clip it in so it fits easily into the wig cap. If your hair is thick or curly, if you wet it a little bit, it will make it easier for you to pull it back.

Then start at the back of your head and put on the wig cap. Make sure the wig cap covers your hair. The wig cap can be fixed with about six clips. If possible, make sure the top of the clip is on the hat and the bottom of the wig is under the hair and the hat.



Nowadays, the life pressure of people all over the world is increasing, and hair loss has become a problem for many people. It's time for braided wigs to play a role. In all the wigs, Braided wig is the complicated technology of wig making. The characteristics of braided wig are light, breathable and natural.Wearing a braided wig can improve your appearance. Changing hair style is simple and convenient, saving time.It can avoid the harm of perm, dyeing and pulling. Braided wig can be changed at will to avoid the damage of frequent hairdressing.You can try a variety of different hairstyles, with different fashions, so wearing braided wigs is becoming more and more popular.